Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy
Gestalt therapy – Picture by Jorge Ortega

Gestalt Therapy for Inverness & Highlands

I practice Gestalt Therapy, which is a humanistic and holistic approach. The word ‘gestalt’ can be roughly translated to mean ‘whole’, which is key to our practice. We identify that your body, emotions, thoughts and perceptions function interrelatedly as one complex relational whole. We believe that you contain the resources and ability to be in rewarding contact with others and to lead a creative and satisfying life. During childhood and perhaps owing to traumatic events, our behaviours and patterns of relating may become fixed. This can lead to dissatisfaction, suffering, difficulties and ongoing challenges, presenting themselves in current life.

In Gestalt therapy, we concentrate on the ‘here and now’ experiences by exploring in a relational way. We use creativity, body work, experiments and a dialogic relationship to gain increased awareness about our fixed patterns. Subsequently, new choices and awareness’s become available to us as integration and healing occur.